Couldn’t be happier with Furman Institute of Health! I was looking for a chiropractor in St. Louis a year ago and have been seeing Dr. Furman regularly ever since. He provides excellent chiropractic and acupuncture services that help maintain joint movement and flexibility, improve posture, and relieve pain and discomfort. On top of that he is always happy to explain what he is doing and why, which helps instill patient confidence and keeps you at ease. Definitely recommend if you have back/neck pain and are looking for a chiropractor!
– James L.

About a month ago I had pulled a neck muscle and was in immediate sever pain and came to Furman Institute of Health and was helped and pain free within two days! I was so happy and impressed with Dr. Furnam’s immense knowledge on how to get me better as quick as possible. I also have seen him when I had lower back pain and has helped me
with that. I would recommend him to anyone. I am very happy with his practice and plan on continuing to go!
– Melissa B.

I cant believe I waited so long to see a Chiropractor! I suffered with chronic hip pain through my teens and still into early adulthood. After only two visits and following Dr. Lev’s instructions on stretching and strengthening exercises I have seen a massive improvement. Thank you Dr. Lev for your guidance and help!
– Lauren C.

Dr.Furman was very efficient, professional, and nice..I came to him after a car accident and after a short time he made me feel better than new, I would definitely go back to him in the future.
– Shaun B.

I originally went to Dr. Furman for chronic back pain and he was able to identify that a majority of my pain was from compiled stress. I have been to several doctors over the years and he is the first to take a truly holistic approach when diagnosing and subsequently treating the true cause of the pain. Dr. Furman’s acupuncture has been a breath of fresh air and offered true relief.
– Brian H.